Trigger finger

This often presents with pain at the base of the finger and clicking when bending and straightening the finger. However, it can also present as a permanently bent finger, which would correct if forced open. It can also present with a finger that is unable to fully bend when making a fist.

The above occurs because the tendons which bend the finger develop a nodule (a swelling within the tendon). These tendons pass through a series of pulleys/tunnels. The nodule would then get stuck either before if goes through the tendon (preventing bending of the finger) or after it passes through (preventing the finger from straightening).

A steroid injection often has very good results, but its effect may be temporary. Surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic where necessary and the tunnel is split open to allow the nodule to pass without getting stuck.

We have developed the capability to do this procedure in outpatients which enables us to do this procedure without the stress of going into theatres and a much quicker recovery. This also enables the surgery to be more affordable for the patients who have no private insurance.