TFCC tear/ Ligament injuries of wrist

The TFCC stands for Triangular Fibro Cartilage Complex. It is a thick cartilage sitting on the ulna bone at the wrist. The ulna bone is the bone in the forearm on the side of the little finger. This cartilage can tear through a wear and tear process or through an injury.

The patient usually presents with pain which is worse with use of the wrist. The pain is on the side of the ulna and is particularly felt on pronation and supination (forearm rotation) with a clenched fist. This distal ulna is tender to touch, and the pin can be reproduced with ulna deviation of the wrist and pronation/supination of the forearm.

This is often investigated with an MRI scan. An arthrogram (injection of dye into the joint before the scan) can make the investigation more sensitive.
If conservative measures fail (rest, analgesia, injection), keyhole surgery is possible. Depending on the site of the tear, it can either be debrided or repaired.