AC Joint reconstruction

This operative procedure aims to stabilise the acromio-clavicular joint.
Day 1 Post-op

  • Polysling and body belt for 6 weeks
  • Finger, wrist and Radio-ulnar ROM exercises
  • Supported elbow flexion and extension in standing
  • Teach axillary hygiene
  • Teach postural awareness

 2 Weeks – Review by Consultant / team
 3 Weeks

  • Retain mastersling until week 6, but the bodybelt is removed.
  • Start gentle pendular exercises

 6 Weeks

  • The sling is removed, and the patient begins formal physiotherapy
  • Avoid all range of movement above shoulder height until 12 weeks.
  • Aims of Physiotherapy
  • Regain scapular and gleno-humeral stability working for shoulder joint control rather than range
  • Gradually increase range of movement
  • Strengthen the rotator cuff muscles
  • Progress proprioception through open and closed chain exercises.
  • Incorporate core stability exercises

 Return to Functional Activities

  • Driving 6 weeks
  • Return to work, light duties as tolerate heavy duties at 4 months.
  • Swimming: Breaststroke 8 weeks
  • Golf 4-6 months
  • Contact sport 6 months – including horse riding, football, rugby, martial arts, racquet sports, and rock climbing