Biceps tenodesis and SLAP repair

The operative procedure is performed for conditions involving the long head of biceps tendon or its insertion to the labrum. 

Day 1 Post-op

  • Polysling for 3 weeks.
  • Finger, wrist and radio-ulnar and scapular movements.
  • Assisted elbow flexion and extension in supine position. Avoid forced straightening of the elbow or heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks.
  • Neck ROM exercises
  • Teach axillary hygiene
  • Teach postural awareness

 2 Weeks – Review by Consultant / team

  • Patient attends review and removal of stitches and body belt.
  • Gentle pendular exercises into flexion/extension and circumduction only

 4 Weeks

  • The sling is removed and the patient begins formal physiotherapy
  • Gradually increase range of movement.
  • Muscle strengthening exercises.

 Return to Functional Activities

  • Driving 6 weeks
  • Return to work
  • Light duties as tolerated after 6 weeks. Heavy duties at 3 months
  • Swimming – Breaststroke at 8 weeks
  • Golf – 3 months
  • No Contact sports for 6 months – Contact sport including: horse riding, rugby, football, martial arts, racquet sports, wind surfing, handgliding and rock climbing.