Kamath and Stothard Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire

Q1. Has pain in the wrist woken you at night?

Q2. Has tingling and numbness in your hand woken you during the night?

Q3. Has tingling or numbness in your hand been more pronounced first thing in the morning?

Q4. Do you have/perform any trick movements to make the tingling, numbness go from your hands?

Q5. Do you have tingling and numbness in your little finger at any time?

Q6. Has tingling and numbness presented when you were reading a newspaper, steering a car or knitting?

Q7. Do you have any neck pain?

Q8. Has the tingling and numbness in your hand been severe during pregnancy?

Q9. Has wearing a splint on your wrist helped the tingling and numbness?

If your score is more than five then there is more than 90% chance that you could have carpal tunnel syndrome. If you need any further help, please book in to see Mr Mohan. For appointment you can call on 07411556131 or drop an email at surreyupperlimbclinic@outlook.com.


you can self refer by following the link below:

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